Have you ever noticed how bike lanes are now being built along the road in most major cities of the world? This is because cities are becoming more contaminated with air pollution, the streets are more congested with cars, parking is a nightmare and the cost of fuel is rising. It’s no surprise that the bike market is steadily rising with increased demand for a better way of transportation. Standard, electric and even specially made cargo bikes to transport items or kids have seen an increase in sales with the sustainability movement taking place.


SideBuddy took note and decided something had to be done – and so we began our journey of creating a product which would alleviate some of the transportation stresses we face in today’s world.


SideBuddy aims to make bicycle transportation a faster, cleaner and more convenient type of transportation. Our product was designed with a focus on safety, ergonomics & sustainability. We want to convey SideBuddy as fresh, futuristic and fun. We hoped to create a product which made a difference in the world and tackled challenges that the other cargo bikes could not overcome. We thought of every need our consumer might have in a standard cargo bike and worked it into the design process.


In case you were wondering, the SideBuddy is a trailer which is attached to the side of your bike (or even behind) and allows you to transport all kinds of big volume items such as surfboards, grocery bags, boxes, furniture, kids, pets, and more! It has LED lights in the color of your choice that glow in the dark, making it visible to other vehicles at night and a safe alternative to the standard bike reflector. We have several customization options, making your SideBuddy design up to you!



This is just a quick glimpse into what our product offers to consumers. Explore our website to take a deeper look into how SideBuddy can meet your needs!