Meet Our Team: Behind the Scenes



Our brand is our people!

We believe in the international experience and diversity, which is why we have team members from all over the world. Some of us work in the office and others work remotely. All of us are an important part of the company and everyone’s opinions are valued. We thrive off of team work! Team based projects are at the core of our designs and we all lean on each other to get inspiration.

Our company values are: diversity, team work and innovation!





A Day in the Office

Daily Meeting We begin the day with a daily meeting. This is where our Swedish culture shines bright in the workplace! Everyone sits together at the big white table and each takes a turn sharing their goals for the day, updates from the day before and company goals.


Our daily team meeting.

The Workshop – Sometimes our engineers head down to the workshop where prototypes are created and new ideas are sent to reality. Our workshop is located on the premises and includes tools that allow us to experiment with physical realities of our virtual designs.


Our industrial designer Ariadna busy in the workshop.

Fikas – In typical Swedish tradition we welcome our team members to rest their brain with a fika, or coffee break with sweets or other snacks. We also have a “Smoothie of the Day” theme!


Amanda and Jordi have a smoothie in the kitchen during a fika.

Meditation – We have a relaxing meditation room on the premises. Half way through the work day, sometime following lunch, we will go as a team to meditate together and refresh our brains. The mental health of our team members is important to the company and we encourage each other to visit the meditation room whenever they feel it’s time to take a break.

We Like To Take Field Trips

We often leave the confines of the office to do filming for SideBuddy promotions, visit the locations of our sponsors (to see where our materials come from), and attend expos and networking events where we can showcase our product. These are group events and all team members are invited to participate.



The industrial engineering team attends the Elmia Subcontractor 2017 event.

Most of All, We Like To Have Fun!

Our work environment isn’t rigid or constricting – we like to have fun and feel free to share ideas! Our team members are encouraged to be innovative, creative, and to participate… that’s why we have team meetings every day. Part of what makes us a fun company is our team spirit and ability to laugh. Take a look for yourself!


The team likes to have fun while working in the office!