Double Buddy- A New Way of Riding

Life is a cycle- and with the cycle of life brings change. That being said, in the future when bicycle lanes are hopefully wider and heavily used, comes an invention that will be of some assistance to cyclists that need to carry more loads; whether it be people or items. Introducing the “Double Buddy.”

In the near future, how we get around and the various forms of transportation will differ tremendously then how we’re living today. Transportation is evolving becoming more easily accessible and eco-friendly.

With the introduction of the Sidebuddy- will allow the double buddy to transport up to six individuals. This power-electric bike can be used on roads with vehicles and buses. This neat creation can also be used in countries that drive in the opposite direction. ( ex: the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, etc.).

Below are some pictures that vividly show how the double buddy looks and how it’s used.