Press Release

Different publications from our product, have a glance…


Our Buddy have been featured on different  press releases on media channels and social medias.

We are flattered with the  coverage the production taking and the help of partners to spread the word.






“TR Fastenings develops ‘sidecar’ for city bicycles with SideBuddy” Cycling Industry News explains how the SideBuddy can be used to transport cargo around the city.


“TR Fastenings Sponsors Stylish Swedish-Designed SideBuddy” Engineering Update posted a story about our sponsorship with TR fastenings.


“TR Fastenings Helps To Manufacture Swedish Sidebuddy” FastFix talks about how SideBuddy helps the cities to become less polluted & congested.

“Så här har du aldrig tagit dig fram tidigare” Jmini titles it’s article “Here’s how you’ve never done before”


“Sidecar for bikes” Engineering Materials talks about the ergonomics of our sidecar and the production process.

“Need a cargo bike but don’t want the extra weight all the time?” features SideBuddy with the biking community.