Its unique position lateral to the bike means that children are kept in a safe position. Even if you need to go on the road when cycle lanes are missing, the children can be positioned next to the sidewalk or behind the bike. The seats are equipped with 5-point harness straps that help to keep children firmly seated while riding in the SideBuddy.
There’s no need to worry about visibility when using a SideBuddy at night because it comes with several options to make it extra safe.
The rear reflectors shine at night and alert drivers you are there. One of our most unique features is the LED light accessory that glows in cool colors. This is one of our more popular customizable options and it’s easy to see why. The LED lights come in several different color options and make the trailer a safe ride at night.
The optional helmet accessory includes lights that ensure safe traveling when it gets dark. The SideBuddy also includes a First Aid Emergency Kit.