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Lights on a vehicle are not only necessary but play a significant role when you’re navigating at night. Without lights, you won’t be able to get to your destination. With the massive success of Sidebuddy also brings on new additions needing to be made. Advanced fixtures and new-and-improved additives is something that we aim to focus on. Sidebuddy has now installed front and back lights to the bike that way not only the person operating the bike will be able to see clearly in the dark, but other drivers will know of its existence on the roads.

The bike comes with left and right blinkers and is made of ABS plastic.

Down below are pictures of how the lights look.


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Double Buddy- A New Way of Riding Thu, 14 Mar 2019 13:49:12 +0000

Life is a cycle- and with the cycle of life brings change. That being said, in the future when bicycle lanes are hopefully wider and heavily used, comes an invention that will be of some assistance to cyclists that need to carry more loads; whether it be people or items. Introducing the “Double Buddy.”

In the near future, how we get around and the various forms of transportation will differ tremendously then how we’re living today. Transportation is evolving becoming more easily accessible and eco-friendly.

With the introduction of the Sidebuddy- will allow the double buddy to transport up to six individuals. This power-electric bike can be used on roads with vehicles and buses. This neat creation can also be used in countries that drive in the opposite direction. ( ex: the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, etc.).

Below are some pictures that vividly show how the double buddy looks and how it’s used.

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Seat Update Wed, 30 Jan 2019 16:45:52 +0000

Products are always evolving and becoming easily functional, self-sufficient or safer because the goal is to keep our consumers happy and protected. That being said, we decided to make some additional changes and updated/upgraded the SideBuddy seat. They will be designed to look slimmer and thinner so it will be a smooth and steady ride while you’re sitting down cruising to your destination. We also added a new material trifilon that’s made up of compact natural fibers that are even more organic than the original material that we used. It is produced by an injection moulding technique and uses hemp base bio plastic. New seat belts will be installed made in bioplastic, which lessens their environmental impact. Lastly, we are working on the technological details to finalize the end product.
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Sidebuddy Takes on the Elmia Subcontractor Fair Wed, 30 Jan 2019 16:32:35 +0000

Sidebuddy recently attended the Elmia Subcontractor Fair on November 14, 2018 in Jönköping, Sweden. The Elmia Fair is Northern Europe’s leading trade fair for the manufacturing industry’s suppliers and their customers. Here you will find products that will further develop your company to reach the next stages of development.

There were about 1200 reputable companies that were in attendance including Jordi Hans Design and the media, marketing and engineering team. TR Fastenings and Brand ID which are our subcontractors and Global Sponsors were two of the companies we visited while we were at the event.

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Exciting New Changes to SideBuddy Mon, 11 Dec 2017 15:52:39 +0000  


There are exciting new changes happening with our SideBuddy product!

The launch of our Kickstarter campaign for the SideBuddy in July brought valuable new insight to our team. Although we didn’t succeed in reaching our Kickstarter goal the first time, we read your thoughts and comments about how we could make improvements. Your ideas allowed us to go back to the drawing board and re-design these potential problem areas so that the SideBuddy can make a comeback which will meet all of your expectations!

These upgrades include new:

  1. Handles
  2. Front Wheels
  3. Sliding System
  4. Lock & Handle for the door
  5. Back & Front Lights
  6. Seats


1. New Handle


Our original handle was foldable, placed near the top of the body and located at the rear of the SideBuddy so that it could be used as a stroller or grocery cart. However, we re-examined the functionality of the design and created a stronger handle. Now it will be longer and begin near the bottom of the body. It can extend upwards or back down again and can lengthen or shorten by pulling up rather than folding.This makes the handle stationary, more stable and can support heavier loads while walking. Another cool development is that the new handle will have a button for a brake lever system that connects to the back wheels to help with going downhill and to control the SideBuddy much easier when walking.


New handle produced by: 


 2. New Front Wheels



The main concern we noticed on Kickstarter and our Facebook page was that the front wheel will be bumpy. We took it to the drawing board and redesigned the front wheels to have a coil spring that would make it less bumpy with more cushion. We added a hinge so that it can collapse, essentially creating a soft suspension. Another addition is that where there used to be one wheel, there are now two. We feel that this will make the ride more smooth on bumpy roads after adding a cushioned suspension to the wheels and also by adding the second wheel to absorb the impact.


Front wheel produced by:

3. New Sliding System


One of the amazing things about SideBuddy that differentiates it from other cargo bikes is that it is collapsible. We decided to build on this already existing function by adding a new railing component/system which would allow it to slide open or closed with more ease. We will also add a locking system to the extended and collapsed function to ensure that it remains safely locked after being set to a position.

Sliding system rail produced by:



4. New Lock & Handle for the door 


Currently, we are working on new ways to enhance the safety features of the door. First, we want to add two new sliding rails for the door to rest on that will work similar to the extending and collapsing feature mentioned above; this will allow for smoother opening and closing of the door. When the trailer is extended, the rail also extends so that the door can adjust to this change.There will be the addition of a new locking system in the damper so that kids can’t open the door while riding inside the SideBuddy. Therefore, the lock will be on the outside of the door though it will be conveniently hidden and not visible to other people from the outside. A handle will be added to the inside and outside of the door as well.

Lock and Handle is produced by:




5. New Back & Front Lights



We have a new parter for back and front lights: 3ERP. The lights will work with a kinetic system – not with batteries. It will also give off reflections so that it can be visible to pedestrians and cars during the night. Reflectors will be incorporated into the mudgards as well.

Lights produced by:

6. New Seats

There will be an upgrade to the seats. They will be designed to look thinner and slimmer, and will have a material made of compact natural fibers that are more organic called Trifilon. They will also have seat belts made in bioplastic, which lessons their environmental impact.

Material produced by:

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Our Development Sun, 28 May 2017 10:08:13 +0000


Our latest updates from the Technical Department.


To ensure the technical design is ready for the production our mechanical engineers have ensure all the components and mechanism’s of the product will function in the correct manner.



Our fasteners such as screws, nuts, washers, springs and rubber parts  were carefully selected  and  located on the pre production prototype.




The assembly and storage facility is located in Tidaholm ( Sweden ) and collaboration with our partners TR Fastenings.









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Meet Our Team: Behind the Scenes Tue, 28 Mar 2017 10:07:45 +0000  


Our brand is our people!

We believe in the international experience and diversity, which is why we have team members from all over the world. Some of us work in the office and others work remotely. All of us are an important part of the company and everyone’s opinions are valued. We thrive off of team work! Team based projects are at the core of our designs and we all lean on each other to get inspiration.

Our company values are: diversity, team work and innovation!





A Day in the Office

Daily Meeting We begin the day with a daily meeting. This is where our Swedish culture shines bright in the workplace! Everyone sits together at the big white table and each takes a turn sharing their goals for the day, updates from the day before and company goals.


Our daily team meeting.

The Workshop – Sometimes our engineers head down to the workshop where prototypes are created and new ideas are sent to reality. Our workshop is located on the premises and includes tools that allow us to experiment with physical realities of our virtual designs.


Our industrial designer Ariadna busy in the workshop.

Fikas – In typical Swedish tradition we welcome our team members to rest their brain with a fika, or coffee break with sweets or other snacks. We also have a “Smoothie of the Day” theme!


Amanda and Jordi have a smoothie in the kitchen during a fika.

Meditation – We have a relaxing meditation room on the premises. Half way through the work day, sometime following lunch, we will go as a team to meditate together and refresh our brains. The mental health of our team members is important to the company and we encourage each other to visit the meditation room whenever they feel it’s time to take a break.

We Like To Take Field Trips

We often leave the confines of the office to do filming for SideBuddy promotions, visit the locations of our sponsors (to see where our materials come from), and attend expos and networking events where we can showcase our product. These are group events and all team members are invited to participate.



The industrial engineering team attends the Elmia Subcontractor 2017 event.

Most of All, We Like To Have Fun!

Our work environment isn’t rigid or constricting – we like to have fun and feel free to share ideas! Our team members are encouraged to be innovative, creative, and to participate… that’s why we have team meetings every day. Part of what makes us a fun company is our team spirit and ability to laugh. Take a look for yourself!


The team likes to have fun while working in the office!

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SideBuddy in the News Tue, 28 Mar 2017 10:07:05 +0000

Where in the world is SideBuddy?

Our Buddy has been featured on different press releases on media channels and social media pages all around the world. From coverage in Asia, Europe, the UK, Italy, and of course, in our home country of Sweden – we are gaining recognition in the cargo bike and engineering communities around the world!

If you are a journalist seeking more information about a story on the SideBuddy, please send us an email at or contact us on our Facebook page and we will be happy to respond.


Press Releases in Asia


“Sweden developed a multi-purpose SideBuddy bicycle” – Hong Kong news Unwire describes the functions of SideBuddy and the Kickstarter campaign.


“Children to luggage. Every day seems to be convenient for the bicycle sidecar SideBuddy” – Japanese media Digimono Station discuses how useful the SideBuddy is for families who want to carry children.



Press Releases in Europe



“SideBuddy: The multi-purpose cargo trailer for bikes” – An Italian media company urbancycling wrote about the multi-functionality of the SideBuddy.


“TR Fastenings Sponsors Stylish Swedish-designed Sidebuddy” – A post on our sponsor website TR Fastenings from the UK.



“TR Fastenings develops ‘sidecar’ for city bicycles with SideBuddy” – Cycling Industry News in the UK explains how the SideBuddy can be used to transport cargo around the city.


“TR Fastenings Sponsors Stylish Swedish-Designed SideBuddy” – Engineering Update posted a story about our sponsorship with TR Fastenings.




“Sidecar for bikes” – Engineering Materials talks about the ergonomics of our sidecar and the production process.

“Need a cargo bike but don’t want the extra weight all the time?” – features SideBuddy with the biking community.


“TR FASTENINGS HELPS TO MANUFACTURE SWEDISH SIDEBUDDY” – FASTFIX Technology talks about how the SideBuddy is a unique project with huge commercial potential and how TR Fastenings is delighted to support.

“The buddy that’s on your side!” – FAST (Fastening & Assembly Solution and Technology) talks about how SideBuddy is inspired by motorbike sidecars.


Press Releases in Swedish News

“SideBuddy lanserar ny lastvagn för cyklar” – News article on industritorget that translates from Swedish to “SideBuddy launches new truck for bikes”



“SideBuddy Launches New Cargo Trailer for Bikes” – Post by MyGuide2Stockholm about the humble beginnings of SideBuddy by Jordi Hans



Jönköpings Designer behind new bicycle innovation


“Så här har du aldrig tagit dig fram tidigare” – Swedish news Jmini titles it’s article: “Here’s how you’ve never done before”



















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